Diva Kwon - Aroma Spa and Laser Center

services = event promotion 

Ivette Fernandez - Touch of Beauty (beauty injectables)

services = Business Facebook page creation 

Sarah Ford (actress/dancer/writer/entrepreneur) - “Georgia & Me” a solo portrait written and performed by Sarah Ford  

services = set up all social media outlets and email marketing database, collateral design, event marketing...

Leslie Ackles (freelance writer/speaker/life coach/entrepreneur) - “Seven Steps to Choosing Joy” self-help book

services = website/social media for book promotion

Valerie Giglio (vocalist/author/entrepreneur) - “Singing in my Own Key, A Vocalist’s Triumph over Stroke” book

services = press release re: singing career comeback after stroke (to prep for book release)

Lydia Harrell (vocalist/songwriter/music instructor/coach/entrepreneur) - Award-winning vocalist aka The Lovely Singer

services = press release for out-of-state performances

Rich Podgur (singer/songwriter/entrepreneur) - “The Low In Between” Americana/Roots Rock Band

services = marketing strategy consulting and website design

Martha Schwope (writer/entrepreneur) - “Family Histories” Interviewing and Documenting Life Stories

services = market and pricing research for creating an improved bound book product

Kathy Elkind (Certified Eating Psychology Coach/entrepreneur) - “elKIND Nourishment” Vibrant Foods. Vibrant Health.

services = marketing consulting/set up social media platforms

Deborah Strafuss (lyrical poet and writer/entrepreneur) - “On Angel’s Wings-A Journey Through Alzheimer's with My Mother" book

services = website/social media for book promotion

Punita Aurora (purveyor of spiced creations/entrepreneur) - “Poppies & Persimmons

services = marketing strategy consulting for increased business audience

Susan Chormann (certified yoga instructor/entrepreneur) - “Whole Hearted Yoga with Susan

services = marketing strategy consulting for yoga business

Hilary Taylor (silversmith/entrepreneur) - “Merlin’s Silver Star

services = marketing consulting for jewelry business, previous website design

Susanne Liebich (professional dancer/wellness program facilitator/entrepreneur) - “Dancing Wellness” mindful movement

services = marketing consulting and social media promotion of “Girl Power!” summer camps for teen girls