How to turn off Notification sounds during a Zoom call (for Mac users)

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How many times have you been on a Zoom call and can hear somebody’s notification sounds or phone ring? It can be very disrupting to the webinar, meeting, classroom, music event, or online meditation session, etc.

Three of the biggest culprits of notification sounds are: 1) your browser, 2), the Zoom app, and 3) your phone or other device.

  • Turn off notification sounds on your Mac:
    • Click on the Apple icon in upper left
    • Select System Preferences
    • Select Notifications. Now you can see all the possible applications that you might be getting notifications sounds from.
    • The first place to check is your browser that you use (Chrome, Safari, Firefox…). Be sure to UNCHECK the “Play Sound for Notifications” box.
    • Next scroll down tot he bottom of the lists and select Zoom app. Again, UNCHECK the “Play Sound for Notifications” box. 

Turn off notifications on your other nearby devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that you are not using for your zoom call (phones, tablets, etc.). You can do this quickly by putting your device in the DO NOT DISTURB mode.