Is your Website Customer-Focused or Egocentric? Here’s a 1-minute test!

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The average visitor to your website only spends a few seconds scanning your website vs. reading every word. Don’t leave a visitor stranded, searching for the customer benefits of your company’s products or services. What you don’t want is to be a narcissistic website that dwells on the company’s awesome products or services, their superior techniques, the amazing intelligence of their people, and the cool company offices. It’s okay to brag a little, but the customer’s issues should get top billing!


Grab and pen and paper.

Clear your mind. Pretend you are a customer visiting your company’s website for the first time.

Write down five key concerns you have related to purchasing these kinds of products or services -or- choosing a company that you feel reflects the key concerns of your target market when researching companies like yours.

Open your website. Set a timer for ONE MINUTE only. Spend up to one minute at your website looking for the answers to your five key concerns. Now, close the browser. No cheating! Close it now!

How many of your five key concerns were found?

How well did they address your concerns?

A brief amount of copy on your website addressing a key concern and a link to more detail is fine; no mention at all of these five concerns is not okay.

Another way to ensure your website is customer-focused is to ask a focus panel or few friends/family to take this test using the five key concerns that YOU want to be sure are answered on your website. Re-design your website based on their feedback.