Social Media does not take a Summer Vacation

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Summer tends to be a more relaxed time for marketing, but you can use this less-competitive time period to launch dynamic social media campaigns that stand out.

Here are some ideas to keep your content fresh, your customers engaged, and your platforms buzzing all through the summer months.

  1. Generate Buzz – Give Away Free Stuff or Run a Contest to spark the interest of your customers.
  2. Fun with games – Summer brings out the kid in us all so create some fun games like “Fill-in-the-Blank”, “Caption Contest”, and “Guess the Location” to get your audience engaged.
  3. Current Events – Keep your content timely and relevant by creatively associating your brand with what’s happening in the world.
  4. Join existing campaigns – #TBT (Throwback Thursdays) or any established social media campaigns using your own content.


Don’t forget that much of your content will be consumed on mobile devices while your customers are enjoying the summer, so keep your customers engaged with compelling but bite-sized posts.